Against Commie Bastards Vol.3


Συμμετοχή των Ελλήνων Social Defeat σε συλλογή.
Barbatos Productions presents:
“Against commie Bastards! Vol.III” (CD)
World wide R.A.C. compilation
The first 28 copies include: A4 poster (canvas)/postcard/2 stickers.
“Legion Twierdzy Wrocław”
“Muerte y Calaveras”
“Töretlen Hittel”
“Social Defeat”
“Combate SP”
“Depth of Depletion”
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Wolfnacht – Hypervoreia (NSBM)

Nsational Socialistic Black Metal at its best!
Athalwolf(Zofos, Der Stürmer (live)) is back! And his new release is a total masterpiece! 40 minutes of mythical travel to the Hypervoreia! 7540_photo

The album title is “Hypervoreia” and it is a concept story of a group of Waffen SS soldiers travelling to the arctic in order to find the mythic Hypervoreia.


Serious Black Metal with melodic elements and great atmoshere!
Every National Socialist who respects himself should buy this album!
(You can listen the whole album here)

The flame is alive because We keep fighting for the Idea!


The band was conceived by three experienced musicians of the R.A.C scene and was formed in Athens, in July 2016.

Their first full-length album ‘’God of Europe’’ ( was released on December 9th 2016.R-9499618-1481646238-9061.jpeg
Members: Albertos, drums and backing vocals, Georgios, bass and backing vocals, Steve vocals and guitars.

‘’The WHITE DEMONS war-through-art has just started. The fight is eternal. Defeat does not exist. Time and space are nothing!
HAIL to the new, dangerous, great times!’’


Blood & Honour Hellas